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Bamboo Fiber Plastic 2-in-1 Multifunction Colander Strainer Double Drain Basket Wash Fruit Washing Artifact Dish Basket Sink Kitchen Modern Living Room Creative Household Fruit Plate

Bamboo Fiber Plastic 2-in-1 Multifunction Colander Strainer Double Drain Basket Wash Fruit Washing Artifact Dish Basket Sink Kitchen Modern Living Room Creative Household Fruit Plate
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2-in-1 Multifunction Colander Strainer Double Drain Basket

Bamboo fruits and vegetable sieve basin set(medium size)
Material:bamboo fiber plastic+Polypropylene
Gross weight(g.w):0.27
Net weight(n.w):0.25
Bamboo fruits and vegetable sieve basin set(large size)
Material:bamboo fiber plastic+Polypropylene
Gross weight(g.w):0.37
Net weight(n.w):0.34
Subtle bamboo fragrance,fresh bamboo greenness
Streamline design displays the etherealizing beauty of life
Four advantages of bamboo fiber

-Effective in antisepsis
It has been found by scientists through research the bamboo contains a special substance called “bamboo jade”which is of natural bacteriostasis,deodorization and inset prevention.Therefore,the bamboo fiber made by high-tech techniques is antibacterial.

-Good for health
Bamboo leaf contains flavonoid,polysaccharide,amino acid terpenoids,bamboo cellulose,bamboo extract and other elements that are good for human body.Bamboo fiber products are made of natural and environment bamboo fiber with high-tech techniques.During use,they provide freshness and comfortableness and are good for health.

-Green and environmental
Most of bamboo grows in mountains and water.It’s seldom polluted by pesticides and harmful substances.In the process of raw material extraction and production,a physical mode is adopted.Bamboo is non-toxic,harmless and pollution-free.It’s biodegradable,so it’s a kind of environment and function green fiber.

-Beautiful and comfortable
Bamboo fiber has finer texture.After color matching,the bamboo fiber products release elegant color and bright luster.During use,it can be touched finely with subtle fragrance,showing natural and simplistic elegance.

What is bamboo fiber plastic?
It is biomass composite with the naturally grown bamboo as raw material.Through the high technological extraction,the eco-friendly fiber material is compounded with the macromolecule resin by special process.Bamboo fiber plastic has the characteristics of low carbon and eco-friendly,green and health,safety and reliability,biodegradability,etc.Its property is similar to the polymer resin with moderate intensity,natural sense,comfortable feel,and the appearance displaying natural fiber textures.

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